Football awards

The sports info department at USD released the football team award winners today:

Will Powell was the MVP with 55 catches for 625 yards. Marcus Sims was the Dave Triplett offensive MVP and Tyler Starr was the Joe Salem defensive MVP.

Punter Cole Zwiefelhofer the special teams MVP and linebacker Keyen Lague was the freshman MVP. Jordan Eaton was the defensive lineman of the year and linebacker Tim Marlette won the coaches’ Tim Mojzik Bulldog award winner.

Of note for those looking toward next year, Trevor Bouma, a 5-11, 205-pound fullback, was the offensive redshirt of the year. I’m guessing based on what I’ve heard that if he stays at fullback he’s going to get the ball more than fullbacks have of late in the Coyote system, but that’s just a guess. We’ll see in the spring and on into the fall.

Chris Wiseman, who I heard a lot of good things about from coaches last season, was named the redshirt defensive player of the year. I think it’s very safe to say he’ll see a lot of action next year.

Full list of honorees:

Henry Heider Most Valuable Player:  Will Powell
Dave Triplett Offensive Player of the Year:  Marcus Sims
Joe Salem Defensive Player of the Year:  Tyler Starr
Beanie Cooper Special Teams Player of the Year:  Cole Zwiefelhofer
Offensive Scout Player of the Year:  Trevor Bouma
Defensive Scout Player of the Year:  Chris Wiseman
Tim Mojzik Bulldog Award:  Tim Marlette
Harry Gamage Most Valuable Freshman:  Keyen Lage
Tim McFarland Lineman of the Year:  Jordan Eaton
Coaches Award:  Tim Marlette